Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back again....

I'm just taking a quick break from some late night analysis for work and I'd throw out some thoughts on further directions.
I've just ordered some Army Painter Strong Tone, and I'm thinking that my eldar could be a good candidate for trying it out.  As a result I'm going to dig them out of the "doll cupboard" (as my wife refers to it) and review where I got up to with assembly of the figures and models.
I'm still keen to go with my uniform-style paint scheme.
I'd have to say I agree with the sentiments here (40konline) regarding eldar army colours.
GW seems to believe that Eldar warriors' armour is made out of rainbow-barf with the myriad of bright colours they plaster on them.
MAYBE some updates after the Easter long weekend.

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