Sunday, November 15, 2009


As you can probably see, I got one post out on this blog and then haven't followed up.
The original intent was to use this for an Eldar army that I was painting.
However with a limited amount of time available, and a number of other projects on the go, this hasn't progressed at all.
There won't be any peronal hooby updates to this blog for a while; until I've got a bit more time from my 15mm moderns projects.
When I do come back to it, I'm also planning on putting up some 15mm sci-fi, probably using one of the following:

Just to keep things on the boil I may also post info I come across in the sci-fi space that I find exciting. There won't be any of my personal hobby stuff for a while, but I'll certainly be noting anything by others that catches my interest.

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